Identification & Placement of Students

Home Language Survey (Appendix A)

California Education Code, Section 52164.1 (a) contains legal requirements which direct schools to determine the language(s) spoken in the home of each student.

Students enrolling in a public California school for the first time should be given a Home Language Survey - ie. new TK or Kindergarten student, student new to California (from another state or country), a student from a private institution or home school.

The Home Language Survey should only be administered once during a student’s tenure in a California public school. The Language Acquisition status of a student can be found in CalPads if the student was previously enrolled in a California Public School. The following are the acquisition statuses and abbreviations in CalPads: English Only (EO), Initially Fluent English Proficient (IFEP), RFEP Reclassified Fluent English Proficient, English Language Learner (EL).

Initial ELPAC Assessment

The Initial ELPAC, English Language Proficiency Assessment for California, is an untimed test that is designed to assess English Language Proficiency. This test is administered within 30 days of Enrollment in an Oro Grande school if the student has not been previously enrolled in a California public school and/or has not completed a Home Language Survey before.

Inform Parents/ Guardians

Based on the Home Language Survey and Initial ELPAC assessment results, if a student is deemed eligible for the English Language Development program in the Oro Grande School District, parents/guardians will be notified of their students' program placement. This will be done in a form letter that is generated by the ELD department of the Educational Services Division.

Parents/guardians do have the option of refusing EL services for their student through the Alternative Programs Exit Meeting (Appendix D). This process requires parents/guardians to meet with the EL programs Director, the Principal or Center Administrator. Parents must be informed of the recommendations for their student based on language proficiency level.
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